Cancun, perfect combination to heal body and soul

Cancun has the distinction of being the top Caribbean destination with the infrastructure, modern amenities (spruced up in 2006) and service philosophy to rival leisure destinations worldwide. Unlike many other parts of the Caribbean and Mexico, Cancun was built for tourism, and continues to meet the needs of its over 3.3 million annual visitors. Cancun delivers to travelers the best of many worlds: the Caribbean and Mexico; modern and ancient; action packed and laid back. Cancun is unequaled in its ability to offer cultural treasures, natural beauty, infinite activities and North American-style conveniences.

What was once a remote and tiny fishing village of just 12 families was cultivated into the ideal Mexican vacation spot. It capitalized on, without compromising, the region’s natural resources. You will find Cancun’s hospitality staff to be among the best-trained in the world at leading hotel brands from the major names in affordable accommodations such as Best Western and Holiday Inn to the very best in luxury such as Ritz-Carlton.

The landscape of Cancun encourages the growth of many exotic flowers, such as flamboyances (named for the dazzling orange-red splash they make lining sidewalks and plazas) and fascinating fauna, like the prehistoric-looking iguanas.

If lying on a white-sand beach with the clear blue Caribbean lapping at your suntanned toes is what you long for while convalescing, then Cancun delivers. Some of the most beautiful beaches in the world are in and around Cancún, making it Latin American’s most important leisure destination.

Galenia Hospital, a beacon of healthcare in the Americas

Galenia is a level 3 hospital located in the southeast of Mexico. It is the largest hospital in the state of Quintana Roo and it’s the only hospital in the area to hold 3 different certifications for meeting National Standards, International Standards and Canadian Standards, as well as being a member of the Medical Tourism Association.

The Galenia project began in 1998 when a group of visionary Mexican Physicians and entrepreneurs formed a strategic partnership that came to life on March 20, 2006. Hospital Galenia opened its doors in spite of the damage inflicted by hurricane Wilma, providing uncompromised levels of quality care and services. Today, Hospital Galenia is respected as the premier healthcare and medical services provider for Mexico’s foremost tourist destination and it all starts with our people.

Each and every professional staff member is hand selected and is considered the best in their specialty while taking pride in their ability to deliver outstanding results with sincere warmth and compassion.