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The only non-invasive treatment for Prostate Cancer

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What we do

Taking into account today's tendency in favor of less invasive procedures and treatments, our clinic is immersed in a constant update state. Thanks to that, we are able to offer technologically advanced quirurgic solutions by endourologic and laparascopic methods in over 85% of the cases we treat, otherwise treatable only by risky open surgeries.

A bit about us

Our team focuses mostly on the end results, even considering all the specific peculiarities of the pathology we are treating. This allows us a more global interaction with our patients from a multidisciplinary perspective. With this in mind, we have integrated several supportive specialties to our team, such as Cardiology and Nutrition, among others.

The latest technology

We are constantly rennovating our equipment to be able to bring the very latest in urology procedures. Our technology is perhaps the most up-to-date that you will find in Mexican territory, like the 30 Watts Laser, HIFU, Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripter and Plasma Vaporization equipment to treat prostate and bladder affections.

Direct: +52.998.802.1116


HIFU Cancun® provides the ONLY non-invasive procedure to treat prostate cancer

HIFU Cancun has been successfully treating patients with prostate cancer with HIFU technology for the past 8 years. As a pioneer of this incredible advance in modern medicine, our specialists are considered as the leading elite of HIFU-practicing Urologists in the Americas.

Our facilities have treated around 1,200 patients, both domestic and foreign. We can boast an amazing 86% return of patients that have not developed cancer or show any symptoms for 36 months after the HIFU procedure.